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my inspiration map

my inspiration map

TOI-1338 b aka Sophie

By: Caroline


On Friday we woke up to the news that SOPHIE at 34 years old no longer existed. Who died of an accidental fall in an attempt to get a closer look at the full moon, which from Athens looked bright and huge.

By the time the moon went down and the sun came out, around the world we were mourning his death. A few days after that, it is still incredible to think that SOPHIE is no longer there. Today it is something ghostly, cosmic dust that light passes through. Incredible to think that, once again, everything is so vulnerable.

But SOPHIE is still here, because from before her spirit already belonged to the sensitive realm of the immaterial , that of imagination and emotions, of what is drawn and blurred all the time. It remains in those who dance to its music, in those who live the trans experience and even in those who still cannot enjoy themselves. He also lives, from now on, in the everyday gesture of leaning out to see the moon.

SOPHIE produced and composed some of the most chaotic and beautiful albums or singles in pop in recent years. He produced Charli XCX, Madonna, Vince Staples...

Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides was her only album and the one that accompanied her during her transition. The first single " It's Okay to Cry" was (besides a foreboding consolation towards her fans) the first time that SOPHIE showed her voice and face. This revealing moment is followed by " Faceshopping " , " Immaterial " , " Infatuation " and other songs, which are all a light at the end of the tunnel for thousands of us who carry a shame that is not ours.

Without much further detour we leave here some of the music he made or produced

and one last little favor

Signature <3


This petition was shared today by Charli XCX asking NASA to name TOI-1338 b SOPHIE, a planet orbiting between two stars ⁂ newly discovered by a teenage NASA fellow.

godspeed, SOPHIE πŸš€

Playlist with songs made and produced by SOPHIE

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