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Hello Kitty and its impact on the fashion industry

The Hello Kitty brand is a worldwide phenomenon. The brand's image centers around a seemingly minimalist drawing of a cat, but there's something undeniably adorable about the entire Hello Kitty universe. So much so that brand collaborations are regularly announced by big brands as well as small businesses. The launch of the 2019 Hello Kitty x Alejandra Quesada collection was a complete success. Recently, Alejandra Quesada's Hello Sanrio mesh blouse is a garment inspired by the character Hello Kitty, as well as all the characters and elements of said cartoon. You won't want to miss it!

Hello Kitty's impact on the entertainment industry has lasted for more than 45 years. The scope of the cartoon has been such that we feel confident saying Hello Kitty is as iconic a figure as Mickey Mouse, but perhaps that's just personal preference. However, love her or hate her, Hello Kitty is a brand that is here to stay. Both through the formidable Sanrio brand and her enduring legacy in the world of fashion and beauty, Hello Kitty has been a hero to many.

Hello Kitty's impact on the entertainment industry

Because of this, there is an overabundance of different eras and ways that Hello Kitty has influenced fashion, beauty, and style. From shoes, to accessories, to traditional baseball caps, here are just a few of the most iconic examples of Hello Kitty's impact on fashion:


One of the most iconic brands in tennis meets one of the world's most iconic cartoon characters in the Vans x Hello Kitty collaboration circa 2014. Vans has worked on multiple collaborations with Hello Kitty, but in this case it was particularly special because because the collection was to commemorate 40 years of Hello Kitty.


In 2011, watch brand Nooka collaborated with Hello Kitty, combining both minimalist designs to create a simple yet super cute watch. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition that is no longer available. The iconic watch had the image of Hello Kitty although not in its entirety, but you could see her nose, part of her head and the characteristic red bow. Although they're no longer available, it's fair to say that the Hello Kitty x Nooka watches were totally adorable.

Hello Kitty Watches

Major League Baseball Cap

Although the 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers and Hello Kitty collaboration cap may no longer be available, there is still an incredible amount of Hello Kitty baseball merchandise that can be purchased online for a variety of teams. This particular Hello Kitty collab proves that you can literally do anything with the Hello Kitty theme and this one will continue to appeal to a huge fan base.


Clearly, Hello Kitty collaborations are popular with shoe brands. This one, however, is especially punk rock, as the Hello Kitty-inspired TUK footwear is undeniably badass. In fact, if your thing is platform shoes and a rocker look, but at the same time formal, TUK is the best brand to watch, in my opinion.


The popular brand of smartly designed bags JuJuBe for moms, dads and kids is used to collaborating with many brands. It makes sense for a family or mother brand to collaborate with Hello Kitty because, as many of us tend to forget, Hello Kitty is meant for kids. The Hello Kitty x JuJuBe diaper bags are super cute and definitely make a great gift for your soon-to-be-mother friend.

Other JuJuBe bags featuring designs from the Hello Kitty universe are not only super cute and consistently cool, but they're collectible and could possibly sell for a hefty sum someday.

Hello Kitty, owned by the Japanese product licensing company Sanrio, was created in 1974. It was Sanrio's first character, and it's the most iconic. It is difficult to find someone in the world who does not know Hello Kitty.

Alexandra Quesada

On the occasion of the celebrations of the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, in 2019 the Mexican designer Alejandra Quesada brought out a collection for a casual look, inspired by this character. If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, you will love each of the garments in the collection.

45th Anniversary

Ale Quesada is a Hello Kitty lover and has succeeded in the fashion industry thanks to her original designs with very cute and colorful details. This has led her to sell her collections as far away as Japan.

For the Hello Kitty line, he was inspired by a sporty casual / street style. The collection includes footwear such as tennis shoes and sandals and even heels, as well as t-shirts and sweatshirts. It can be found for sale in Liverpool.

Finally, Hello Sanrio x Alejandra Quesada is definitely something you cannot miss. The mesh blouse inspired by all the Hello Kitty characters is an exclusive launch for sale in the online store and a cool garment that your wardrobe needs:

Hello Sanrio Blouse

Alejandra Quesada Logo

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