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my inspiration map

my inspiration map

MENTAL VIRUS x Michel Ortega

Hi, I'm Michel Ortega.
A Mexican artist. Tea aficionado, one more fool.

I am constantly in a creative process and I think, what is a good idea?
This collaboration with Ale Quesada is a good idea.

Some good ideas from history have been:

Phones + Cameras.

Tacos + Pineapple.

Ale Quesada + Michel Ortega.

In my most recent series of paintings, MENTAL VIRUSES, I explore those viral ideas that outlive other ideas. Good ideas.
No good idea comes out of nowhere. It is always the combination of two or more previous ideas.

I think now everyone has really good #FACT ideas but not everyone realizes those ideas. The people who try and those who materialize their ideas are the "creative" people.  Being one or a creative can become tiring and ugly. It is necessary to feel and look good while creating things, while realizing your ideas.

Much of my day I'm painting and staining my clothes like a snotty kid who never got out of kindergarten. Even in those moments I want to move smoothly and be ready for the next selfie (I told you, I'm just one more fool).
Whether you spend all day designing in front of a computer, or preparing delicious food in a kitchen, or writing down all your great ideas, you need to feel and look good every day.

This collaboration is a good idea.
The other day I tried on all the pieces in the collection and wow…! They really feel and look amazing.
My favorite way to wear it is with a t-shirt over it, exposing the printed arms, and if it's hot, I just take the t-shirt off without any hesitation and now cooler than ever I can keep creating in the thick of the action.

You like dancing? I hope so (don't let me down).
I made a playlist for this collaboration which you can listen to RIGHT NOW
I recently danced for hours in one of the pieces from this collection and no one, not even me realized how much I had sweated while dancing!

What else can I tell you?
Follow your dreams, don't let those dreams be just dreams and never, ever lose your style (please 🙏 ).

Michael Ortega. March 2021.

*Photos x @karlaximenae
*Models: @mariamalo   @michel23ortega
Michel Ortega and Alejandra Quesada
Alejandra Quesada print by Michel Ortega
Maria Malo Alejandra Quesada Michel Ortega
Michel Ortega Maria Malo Alejandra Quesada

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