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The episode of Euphoria that you will not forget

By Santi


A couple of weeks ago the second special episode of Euphoria finally came out. The 2019 series that portrays the lives (or the drama) of several teenagers in high school. Unlike the first one that came out in December of last year in which we saw an hour-long conversation between Rue (Zendaya) and her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor “Ali” over pancake dinner, this new episode is seen through the eyes of Jules. (Hunter Schaefer) -who wrote it during the pandemic together with the creator of the series Sam Levinson- and it is much more extreme but under the same dynamic, few locations and characters due to the general lockdown that we have lived for almost a year :(

In the first season of Euphoria we saw a tragic family history and a little bit of Jules' transition process, but in this episode we dove deep into her and the wound left by her relationship with shyguy118 or Tyler. Jules is trying to give up her taste for men since she is not interested in them at all, so that she can choose Rue, a cisgender girl who truly loves her and sees her for who she really is. All of this is portrayed in an incredibly intense and dark way as she recounts her problems to a therapist for the first time.
This episode has a beautiful soundtrack with songs like "Liability" by Lorde, the long-awaited collaboration between Rosalía and Billie Eilish "Lo vas a Olílish" and one of the tracks from Arca's new maxi-single "Madreviolo" for me the most intense and beauty from this episode called “F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob”.
It is important to mention this because the music is a fundamental part, it is so central that while it happens there are almost no dialogues and they let them run from the beginning to the end, making us feel almost as if we were watching a music video, a very beautiful one.
These two chapters were created because, being all locked up, they have not been able to start filming season 2 as planned and the one that in theory will be released in June.
If you haven't seen it, we recommend it, you can see it on HBO. We also leave you a playlist with all the songs that have come out there :)


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