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How to get into turtleneck season before it gets cold

For lovers of turtleneck blouses, sweaters and tops or for those fond of layered outfits , this is for you. You don't need to wait for winter or for the temperatures to drop to start wearing the old turtleneck trick under your strappy dress or jumpsuit. However, we are not suggesting that you walk around in a thermal fabric long sleeve top in 30 degree Celsius weather. Our proposal is a new pair of lightweight long-sleeved blouses made of mesh fabric. A mesh turtleneck blouse in a bright color worn with a plain top underneath, allows you to enjoy a sunny day with an original and fresh outfit.

The versatility to combine mesh turtleneck blouses is what makes this garment an ideal element for your wardrobe.

Mesh turtlenecks were a minimum viable product on the Marques Almeida runway in fall 2016. From Minimum Viable Product , MVPs are a product with enough features to satisfy initial customers, who provide feedback for future product development.

In real life, mesh turtleneck tops with colorful design and different mesh patterns can work for day or night, depending on whether you choose jeans, shorts, skirts or wear it under short dresses or jumpsuits. tight. How you combine your turtle neck mesh blouse is the key. For example, you can add dark rectangular glasses or a headband of the same color to your outfit.

Rainbow Slight Blouses

Get to know the Rainbow Slight collection by ALEJANDRA QUESADA: mesh turtleneck blouses in different colors,Β click here

For a casual evening event with friends, wear black jeans, ankle boots or dark tennis shoes; a mesh turtleneck blouse with a print of the world of Hello Kitty, in addition to a black leather jacket, are a good outfit idea.

We could also envision high-waisted light blue jeans with a scruffy and ripped design, paired with a light or pastel pink turtleneck mesh top. This outfit works great for a family gathering during the day or for a first date on a terrace or in an outdoor restaurant.

In short, turtleneck mesh blouses are an excellent option for the hot season. As for the cold, this style of blouse is also an alternative to combine various items in your closet. Dare to wear an original casual outfit for that special event!

Whether you like to wear discreet colors and plain designs or blouses with more striking prints and figures and different colors; the Rainbow Slight collection and the new Hello Kitty Mesh Blouse by Alejandra Quesada will be the favorites in your closet most of the year.

Hello Sanrio Collection

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