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my inspiration map

my inspiration map

A Peter Pan Donuts Conversation: Juan Wauters

Juan Wauters is a nice individual unique in the world, a talented musician, actor, writer and music lover who was born/raised in Montevideo and in 2002 moved with his family to Queens New York where he lives partially, because traveling around Latin America is something he enjoys. much.
Juan Wauters and his guitar

His new song "Real" is a brilliant collaboration between Juan Wauters and Mac DeMarco that will be part of the Uruguayan globetrotter's next album, called Real Life Situations , which comes out on April 30 via the New York label Captured Tracks.

John and Mac DeMarco

He has several contributions from other friends such as El David Aguilar, Homeshake or Tall Juan, with whom we see him in this photo taken for the rainbow slight emerald photo session on the roof of the Teatro Lúcido while Juan Wauters lived there in his beloved Santa María la Ribera neighborhood in Mexico.

Tall Juan Juan Wauters and Ale Quesada

Her music and way of being is part of the map that inspires Alejandra Quesada, her authenticity and unique way of seeing the Universe is fuel for the creative process of the brand.

About the release of his new music Juan Wauters made us a playlist where "Real" comes and other songs that inspire him, we hope you like it :)

Spotify Playlist x Juan Wauters

Real Life Situations Tracklist (April 30).

1.- To JPW Headspace 2020
2.- Monsoon [ft. Homeshake]
3.- Feeling Queens
4.- Madness
5.- Window
6.- Presentation [ft. Nick Hakim and Benjamin]
7.- Unity [ft. Boyy Tail]
8.- Royal [ft. MacDeMarco]
9.- Keep Cool
10.- Carmina Pensá
11.- A Peter Pan Donuts Conversation
12.- Lion Dome [ft. Air Waves]
13.- JPW Talking
14.- Chords [ft. Tall John]
15.- Dancing
16.- You're Listening [ft. The David Aguilar]
17.- Crack Dabbling
18.- A JPW Theme Song
19.- Going
20.- Powder
21.- NY Weaz

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