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my inspiration map

my inspiration map

Feel The Feels, 🌈 celebrate the colors of your illusion 🌈

This month we celebrate the revelation of colors; year after year since 1970, the sexual and gender identity and orientation of LGBTTTIQ+ people is proudly commemorated, to make their presence visible to societies around the world.

It is not about allegorical cars with brand logos, nor about one more company putting its logo with a rainbow background on social networks; It is about defending our identity if we do not identify with those imposed by the system, fighting for the rights of vulnerable communities and raising our voices about the abuses and injustices that they experience every day at a social, political and labor level.

To commemorate it, together with Annette Stephens, a great friend who is also the co-founder of Anndra Neen (incredible jewelry brand), we shot this short film titled Feel the Feels , where we present a story about two girls who discover their desires with a mixture of fear and value, a feeling with which many of us can feel identified.

Do not miss the premiere of the short by Meow Magazine:

Directed by Annette Stephens @annettestephens_
Director of photography Sophia Stieglitz @fluorescentpresent
Actresses Joaquina Mertz @joaquinamertz and Julia Toporek @jutoporek
Ac/Focus Nathalie Ochoa @nats8a
Gaffer Karla Lorena Arriola @karla.arriola
Hair and Makeup Design Chela Olea @chela_olea
Styling Phoebe Stephens @anndraneen
Production Daniela Domínguez @danitormento

Special thanks to:
Canek Kelly
Diego Vazquez

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