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Exchange and return policy - Alejandra Quesada

Policy of changes, returns and refunds

Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Our intention is to become your best option.

If the product or service you purchased does not meet your expectations or is not the product you wanted, you can request a refund or exchange. You can also cancel the order or product and receive the corresponding refund.

Simply contact us at and make the corresponding request with the information in the purchase note, within 10 business days from the date of purchase.

The conditions for the return or exchange of the product or service are the following:

The product has not been opened or removed from its original packaging.

The product is complete, in good condition for sale, closed, with seals, packaging and instructions. This is called product integrity.

The product is sent back to our headquarters with a copy of your purchase note (the purchase note is received by email at the time of making a transaction on our portal).

The return request is made within five business days after the delivery of the product.

    In case of return due to product change, the customer must cover the difference in price between products or Alejandra Quesada will reimburse the customer, as the case may be, at the time of the new transaction.

    In case of return or exchange of the product or service, once the product has been delivered and received at one of our locations with a copy of your purchase note, Alejandra Quesada will refund the amount paid within a period not exceeding three business days or will place the new requested product in a parcel service.

    The conditions for requesting a refund are as follows:

    Make a request for cancellation and refund during the period from the purchase of the product and until before delivery to with the information of the purchase note.

    Do not accept the product in case the parcel service shows up to deliver it. In case of receiving the product or requesting a refund after delivery, the return conditions described above apply.

    After the refund request, within a period not exceeding three business days, Alejandra Quesada will have completed the corresponding procedure and the payment will have been refunded through the payment portal that you have chosen for your purchase (PayPal or Mercado Pago). ).

    The shipping cost is not refundable if the product has been delivered correctly to the requested address.