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From protection to fashion: use of face masks and masks more than as personal protective equipment

What began as a method of protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the Covid-19 disease, has become the latest trend in the fashion world. Face masks or cloth masks of different designs have been steadily gaining popularity, mainly for the purpose of protecting and reducing the chances of contracting the virus. Cloth face masks are now also a form of creative expression and an essential accessory for young, old and old.

Although several fashion brands began making face masks out of leftover fabric scraps and intending to fill a gap in the market when these masks were most needed, making cloth face coverings with innovative designs seems to have become a fashion and trend that it came to stay.

For health professionals and patients with Covid-19, experts recommend using surgical masks and professional respirators such as N95, FFP2 and KN95. However, cloth face coverings function as protective equipment for the general public or can be worn on top of a conventional surgical mask. The main benefit of using cloth face coverings is that they are washable and reusable.

With constant declarations about the importance of wearing face coverings during the pandemic, all people, except infants and young children, are encouraged to wear face masks in closed public spaces. In many countries, the use of masks has even been made mandatory in crowded outdoor spaces.

With these types of rules and regulations imposed to stop the spread of Covid-19, a new and greater demand arises for what was once considered only necessary for doctors or patients. Companies and brands whose market was different began to create and sell face masks and cloth face masks. People are increasingly aware that the use of face masks can prevent infections and save lives.

It is especially relevant to mention the ongoing debate about how effective cloth face coverings with fashionable designs really are, and whether or not the purpose of face masks will gradually be forgotten.

Face mask Alejandra Quesada
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How effective are fashion masks and face coverings?

Since April 2020, the global demand for face masks and respirators has skyrocketed. So much so that, according to a Forbes article, sales of face masks from various e-commerce websites increased dramatically in early April.

However, with more and more fashion brands adding face masks to their clothing range, one might wonder how effective they really are. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cloth face coverings are recommended as personal protective equipment during the pandemic. Given the shortage of face masks and the lack of resources for many families, the CDC suggests that cloth face coverings can be used. They even show people on their website how to make their own mask at home.

On the official CDC website, it states that "a cloth face covering may not protect the wearer, but it may prevent the wearer from spreading the virus to others." As a result, the disposable surgical masks and respirators that most people have been donning are likely not necessarily very different from simply wearing a designer cloth mask. However, there are a number of design and composition aspects to consider.

Face mask designs Alejandra Quesada

Surgical masks are typically three-layer, and this three-layer material is made of a meltblown polymer (the middle layer), sandwiched between two nonwoven fabrics. This intermediate material is what acts as a filter that prevents microbes or bacteria from entering or leaving the mask.

In addition to the filtration layer that can be found in most surgical masks, the pleats can also be helpful when it comes to expanding the mask to fit the face correctly. That is, it should fit completely from the nose to the chin.

The material that masks are made from is also important, as some materials (such as cotton) may work better than others. A very important aspect is that they must be breathable.

During times of uncertainty such as the present it may be necessary to make the most of the given situation. If now we all must wear a mask when we go out to protect ourselves and others, why not wear a mask with a design that you like, with which you feel good and that also provides protection? Since the mask becomes a necessary part of our daily outfit, why not express ourselves through it like we do with the rest of our outfit?

Various local and international fashion brands have launched their line of designer face masks, such is the case of Alejandra Quesada. The Alejandra Quesada face masks are made with scraps from past collections, so they are limited editions and sell out quickly. These types of cloth masks provide protection and are effective in reducing the chance of contagion if used properly all the time.

It is important to consider that whatever mask is used, in order for it to be useful and fulfill its protective purpose, it must be worn correctly, completely covering the nose and mouth.

Different styles of face masks

Despite the attractive and fashionable designs of face masks, it is essential not to forget the purpose of this personal protective equipment, although now it is also an accessory that is part of your outfit. The most important thing is to use it well and all the time in crowded open spaces or closed public places with poor ventilation. For those who wish, it is also possible to use surgical masks or special filters for cloth masks under the Alejandra Quesada designer mask. Even some designs already come with a kn95 particle filter.

Health experts agree that although there are face masks whose composition is more effective for filtering particles than others, the most important aspect for any mask or face mask to fulfill its role as personal protective equipment is that the user wears it. all the time, always covering the nose and mouth.

Once you buy the designer cloth face masks that you like the most, we remind you that hand washing and social distancing are the other two basic care measures that you should not forget. Now yes. take care of yourself by using the mask correctly and wherever you are, whatever outfit you wear, combine it with an Alejandra Quesada mask.

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