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The best ways to mix and match your child's fashion style

Buying clothes for your young children who are no longer babies can be a bit tricky. Once they start walking, talking, and taking off or putting on their jacket, hat, socks, or accessories, they begin to acquire their unique sense of style. They can even be very picky about what they want to wear and what they don't feel comfortable with. Most little ones love soft fabrics and various patterns of flowers and animals. Basic t-shirts with attractive prints are very comfortable for children.

Alejandra Quesada has original, comfortable and soft children's clothing that you can buy for your child who is beginning to discover their style and taste. Whether it's a shirt, body (diaper bag), dress or pants, Alejandra Quesada's children's clothing can be combined in many ways and provide a unique look.

If you want to combine the perfect outfit that will make your child happy, here are some simple tips to combine their fashion style:

Have basic essentials

Investing in easy-to-match essentials is an important tip for pulling off different outfits with an original kidswear style. For example, leggings with plain prints or patterns of stripes, stars, animals or flowers are very useful since it works with almost everything. Basic leggings for children can be combined with t-shirts with striking prints. Also, on cold days it can be worn under jeans.

T-shirts and leggings are essential garments that can be mixed and matched very well with practically anything in your wardrobe. If you are looking for originality, comfort and good quality for your little children's clothes, buy the innovative and great designs of Alejandra Quesada

Ways to mix and match your child's fashion style

Go for solid neutral colors

When it comes to mixing and matching, it's essential to have solid neutral base colors like gray, black, and white, as well as jeans.

Crew neck t-shirts with bold color prints go great with jeans. Give your child the opportunity to choose the shirts and leggings of the colors, patterns, styles or decorations that they like. When opting for plain pants, kids can show off their style with a funky quirky t-shirt. In the same way, solid colored shirts can be paired with patterned or embellished pants. Always buy children's clothing online from reliable and original brands like Alejandra Quesada.

Learn to combine colors and patterns

While it's essential to shop in solid or solid colors that can be easily mixed and matched with any shirt or pants, you don't have to limit your options to just neutrals.

Printed dresses, leggings and shirts for girls and boys can be combined with other colours. However, it is recommended to limit the mix of colors to a maximum of three for each outfit.

If your child is going to wear an insect pattern dress to a special event, there will likely be a variety of colors in the print. The best thing in these cases is to opt for neutral accessories such as headbands, scarves or basic socks or plain dark tights with black shoes.

In the case of babies, printed bodysuits are a basic that will save you for an emergency party. Bodysuits with bold patterns can be paired with solid colored headbands, hats, blankets or jackets.

Buy different designs of the same garment

Buying multiple pieces of clothing where only the color or pattern changes gives your child a lot of flexibility to mix and match their style. In this way, you can have several options of dresses, leggings or shirts for a casual event or any day.

Dare to mix and match your child's fashion style and buy several diaper bags (bodysuits) with original and attractive prints. Put aside the basic white diaper bag and dress your baby with Alejandra Quesada bodysuits.

Mix and match your child's fashion style

Add a detail to the outfit

Let your child's personality shine through and make a statement. There's nothing like a little accessory detail to make your baby's outfit look completely different. With an original bib in the shape of a scarf with a watercolor or angel print, your baby's look will be a jewel.

Every mix and match in your child's outfit needs some kind of statement piece to add that special touch. Always look for things that can be used a lot and combined easily. Bodysuits and bibs are a good idea. For example, if you live in a warm place where your baby doesn't need to wear a lot of clothes or layers of clothing, a diaper bag with a bright print may be more than enough. The cherry on the cake for such a simple but spectacular outfit can be a fabric bracelet or a plain headband.

Other options to add a detail to your child's outfit is a fun necklace, a hair clip or a cute fancy hat or a casual baseball cap. Details and accessories make an outfit not only look good, but extraordinary.

To be creative

When it comes to your baby or toddler's style, let them express their individuality. Just because you think something isn't right for him or her or doesn't match, doesn't mean your child feels the same way. It is necessary to understand that your child may be in the process of discovering his fashion style and finding his tastes according to the trends and what he is learning. Mixing and matching kids' outfits should be fun, so don't take it too seriously. Also, remember that they are children and that children must be listened to and given options on what to wear. This will teach them responsibility and even put them on a path of discovering their own style and personality. They will love choosing their perfect outfit and receiving your recommendations as well as your approvals for the clothes they choose. Show your child Alejandra Quesada's children's catalog and let her choose for herself.

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