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Coordinate your outfit with your child's in an original way

Coordinating your outfit or wearing matching clothes with your children is an increasingly common trend. Many mothers and fathers find it fun to coordinate their clothes with those of their babies. At the same time, friends and family like to see two generations wearing the same outfits. When parents and children coordinate their outfit, it is known in fashion as the "mini me" trend (from the English " mini me" ). It is even leading many designers to adapt their collections to this trend due to its growing popularity.

When they are little, boys and girls love when their parents match their outfits with them. In addition, we cannot fail to mention it, it can be very cute and look very cool! Smart brands (like Alejandra Quesada ) have taken the opportunity to start making matching collections for parents and children. While you probably won't dress your child exactly the same, you could wear some matching clothes. For example, you could wear a mask with the same design pattern or print as your son's leggings or your daughter's dress.

Certainly, although coordinating your outfit with your child is fun for a day out or a family party, you should not necessarily seek to have the same wardrobe and accessories as your child. It just means that, from time to time, they can wear matching clothes to go out dressed in the same way to any event.

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leggings for kids

Wearing matching clothes can bond you more with your child

Dressing your kids in the same clothes as you (or some of the same or matching clothes) is a great way to bond with them better and can be fun for everyone. Even both parents can coordinate their outfit with their children's.

Although some might think that this is not very important and even superficial, sharing the same style or outfit with your children makes boys and girls feel special. Buying matching clothes can boost your children's self-esteem, the family bond and the feeling of belonging.

Undoubtedly, applying the โ€œmini meโ€ fashion trend from time to time produces a close relationship between parents and children. We recommend you try this one day with your children and check Alejandra Quesada's online store: . Surely you will find face masks that you can use in coordination with some children's leggings of the same pattern . You will have a lot of fun, and your children too!

In any case, this trend should not make children grow up too quickly. Therefore, keep children's clothing comfortable and appropriate to your child's age. The l eggins for children are super practical and provide unmatched comfort!

Face masks for children and adults

All dressed the same for an unforgettable photo session!

A family photo session is the perfect excuse to coordinate your outfit with your child's. If your children want to dress just like you, you can get creative and combine the clothes in an original way so that each member of the family wears something with the same print pattern or the same color. Choose the same model of star leggings to wear with your daughter. The father can wear the same color star mask and the son can also wear a star print on a shirt . Is the baby missing? The option for the youngest of the family is a diaper bag/bodysuit with a star print ! A photo session with matching outfits is a beautiful and unforgettable family image for parents.

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